Thursday, August 30, 2007

Software testing services

* Reduce the cost of change
This covers both the overall cost of the full development lifecycle and the cost of all the testing activities, such as performance testing or user acceptance testing
* Increase the speed of change
This covers reducing the elapsed time spent testing and the time spent on remedial work and operational maintenance
* Improve the governance of change
This is achieved through better business alignment of the testing a company performs and better management information from the testing activities throughout the projects and programmes.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Customer Experience about Novosoft Testing Master Web Testing Tool

Summary: good product, does what it says it will do, easy to use, and the right price. We're glad we bought it.

Dennis Bell
Accumen Alliance
Director, Technical Operations

After exploring other applications, and entertaining the idea of in house development, WPLT™ allowed us to load test SSL enabled web applications with ease.

Chris Beatson
Project Manager

I have been impressed with Testing Masterease of use, having used both Mercury and Rational. (And noted their price tags !)

Chris Stanek